A lion fish made out of metal

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HeppoArt creates stunning pieces 

At HeppoArt I love creating scrap metal art. I make all my pieces in Huddersfield, UK. All my most recent designs can be found in my gallery. From small pieces to larger pieces, I've created many different sculptures. My scrap metal art is a hobby that I have made into a success.

The rural environment I was nurtured in really inspires a love of nature. Free from the constraints of the rat race we are trapped in! With my love of art and the desire to use other ‘scrap’, I endeavour to create sculptures that can be appreciated. Not only for their aesthetic appeal, but with a fascination of the electric components used.

A bird made out of metal making a nest

Creating Scrap Metal Art For Everyone to Love

I have been making sculptures for a few years now, and I love every piece I create. From where it all began to now, I have created a great variety of scrap metal art. The more creative the piece can be the better.

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I would love to hear from you if you're interested in a commission with more, or just want more information. Email me your details and what you're interested in and I will get back to you. I always ask for a 25% deposit before starting a commission.


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A peacock made out of metal