Scrap Metal Sculptor in Huddersfield

My Story

Born in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. I was brought up on a typical post-war council estate. Pre-PlayStation and computer days. Gangs of us down the woods, making tree houses and building dams. Kids at one with nature, even at a young age we were always creative. At school I found my love of working with steel. I enjoyed the metal and woodworking classes more than the academic stuff.

After school I took an apprenticeship in sheet metal at a local firm where I learnt my trade. I have been working with steel for nearly 30 years. The trade has taught me a lot about how sheet behaves and can be manipulated, and how it reacts to different treatments. I started making sculptures as a hobby about 4-5 years ago. Tinkering in the garage with random spices of scrap, enjoying it more and more I made presents for family and friends.

The beginnings of a scrap metal sculptor

The beginnings of a scrap metal sculptor
I was invited to take part in an Exhibition in November 2012 with 3 other artists. The exhibition was a great success and as well as good sales, I was given a lot of commissions.

I was so busy at the start of 2013 that I took the plunge to become a self-employed full-time artist/sculpture. Leaving a secure long term job was very daunting but I knew I had to give it my best shot. 2013 turned out to be a very busy year. Full of great opportunities and working alongside some very amazing folk!

I love looking for items I can use. We live in a disposable age and the things people no longer want become the building blocks of my art. These often include the tools of trades that now seem redundant. To use them to create wonderful sculptures from our industrial past gives me a great sense of wellbeing.